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"Apple began as a true collaboration to reject old ways and embrace new approaches to engineering and design. In The Bounty Effect, Evan Rosen shows how to replace your organization's obsolete, command-and-control structure with an infinitely more valuable collaborative structure so that everybody can innovate."

Steve Wozniak
Co-Founder, Apple
Author, iWoz: Computer Geek to Cult Icon: How I Invented the Personal Computer, Co-Founded Apple, and Had Fun Doing It


"Prepare to be stunned by dramatic results never before seen in fields ranging from aerospace to medical research. Evan Rosen's The Culture of Collaboration shows how."

Scott Cook
Founder and Chairman of the Executive Committee


"The principles of collaboration and leadership described in Evan Rosen’s book coupled with trust and a common set of values provide the foundation for NASA’s Mission Control Operations. The Flight Director’s role is to create the Culture of Collaboration that is critical for safe and successful spaceflight. It was a key element in the successful return of the Apollo 13 crew."

Eugene F. “Gene” Kranz
Flight Director, Apollo 13
Author, Failure is Not an Option


“People drive business results in the new world of work. The Culture of Collaboration captures the essence of how lifestyles, work styles and even business models are evolving. Evan Rosen makes a persuasive case through timely and strong examples from multiple industries that collaborative culture creates incredible value and competitive advantage for businesses.”

Jeff Raikes
CEO, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
former President, Microsoft


"A fascinating 360-degree view of collaboration in action, The Culture of Collaboration is filled with insights that bring new meaning to the changing workplace, globalization and the accelerating Internet revolution.” 

Douglas E. Van Houweling
President and CEO


“A cultural shift is rapidly changing how we work, learn and interact.  Evan Rosen captures this shift and provides incredible insight into how collaboration changes everything. The Culture of Collaboration is a must read.”

Jimmy Wales
Founder, Wikipedia.org and Wikia.com