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The Culture of Collaboration® Workshop
17 Ways to Move from Competing to Cooperating in Your Organization

Getting all of your company's business units, functions and regions to collaborate can create awesome value. Collaboration melts away organizational barriers and silos to achieve goals. Results include faster, better decisions and decreased time-to-market.

Based on the book by the same name, The Culture of Collaboration® Workshop can jump start collaboration in your organization. This 2-hour or 4-hour workshop developed by author and strategist Evan Rosen and a leading corporate learning and development professional is available globally either on-site or online. Participants learn the 10 Cultural Elements of Collaboration and recognize ways to fit collaboration into work styles and lifestyles. They also take away new methods to achieve team and organizational goals. And they learn how to make culture, environment and tools more collaborative.

Who Should Attend

Leaders and team members in marketing, sales, human resources, engineering, information technology, corporate communications, finance, business development, research & development and related functions

During this Powerful Workshop, You Will Gain the Knowledge to:

Break through Organizational Barriers and Silos

  • Identify and neutralize silo syndrome
  • Build cross-functional cohesion
  • Use tools to break through barriers
  • Learn 10 common attributes of collaborative cultures

Streamline Decision-Making

  • Bridge the gap between strategy and execution
  • Make faster, better decisions
  • Learn how to involve key stakeholders in decisions
  • Energize team members at every level

Increase Efficiency in Time-to-Market and Time-to-Goal

  • Reduce product and service development time
  • Learn how tools and culture can reduce time-to-goal
  • Apply lessons from leading collaborative organizations

Lead Collaboratively

  • Apply 11 collaborative leadership methods
  • Instill collaborative culture
  • Enhance relationships with team members

Create Value Through Collaboration

  • Learn how collaboration can deliver bottom-line results
  • Unite functions, business units and regions
  • Create more productive workplace environment


The Culture of Collaboration® Seminar

The Culture of Collaboration® Seminar is a day-long program customized to fit the needs of your organization.

For further information, contact us at workshops@thecultureofcollaboration.com
or call 415-664-5420, x-114