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The Culture of Collaboration® Research, Strategy & Consulting

The Culture of Collaboration® Institute advises leadership teams how to change organizational structures and cultures from command-and-control to collaborative. The Institute has added substantial value for organizations in sectors including information technology, healthcare, government, manufacuring and telecommunications.

The Institute also conducts both custom and syndicated research on every facet of collaboration including organizational structure, organizational culture, tools and technologies, collaborative behavior, global collaborative enterprises, industry-specific requirements, regional culture, physical workplace environment, virtual environment, trust, commmunity, cross-sector collaboration, sustainability and collaboration, immersive environments, social networking, peer production and many other topics. The program builds on continuing research led by author and collaboration strategist Evan Rosen.

The Institute is comprised of an interdisciplinary team of researchers and strategists whose backgrounds include anthropology, engineering, psychology, journalism, information technology, geography, marketing, telecommunications and publishing. The Culture of Collaboration® Institute has the methodology and expertise to rapidly uncover trends impacting the global economy, regional economies, enterprises of all sizes, specific industries and technology and service providers.

To learn more about The Culture of Collaboration® Institute’s advisory and research programs, please contact us: 415-664-5420, x-114 or research@thecultureofcollaboration.com